Why Do Accounting Firms Partner With Chief Sales Leader™?

While you take care of your clients accounting needs we improve sales process, managers, and people

The Challenge Faced by Accounting Firms

Providing Programs and Information To Drive Client/Prospect Revenue

While accounting firms provide valuable services to their clients, more often than not little attention is paid to member sales and revenue growth capability.  

We partner with accounting firms to fill this void and help them differentiate their brand by providing services for:

  • Groups of clients and/or prospects
  • Individual clients and/or prospects

Our sole purpose is to show people “how to” build, manage, improve, restructure, and merge sales teams.  We ensure that sales teams, managers, and people execute with precision – – effectively, efficiently, and predictably.

Why Partner With Us?

Because we solve sales strategy, execution, and evaluation problems so sales teams can execute with precision – – effectively, efficiently and predictably.

What Services Do We Provide?

Our sales process management services are designed and delivered to show executives, managers, and salespeople how to bring precision to sales execution.

Services For Groups of Clients/Prospects

We provide pro bono services to our Accounting Firm Partners to help them add value to their clients and prospects sales and revenue growth capability.

We show accounting firm clients and prospects “how to” ensure that their sales team, managers, and people execute with precision – – effectively, efficiently & predictably – – to build sustainable revenue growth year-after-year.

Training Workshops & Webinars

We provide “how to” programs on sales management and selling that will energize your clients and/or prospects.

Sales Executive Council

We organize and facilitate client and/or prospect group discussions on hot topics and best practices.

Content For Your Publications

We provide you with revenue growth, sales and marketing posts, articles, and white papers for your blog or newsletter

Research On Sales Teams and Managers

We conduct sales management and sales research on groups of clients and/or prospects to spur revenue growth

Services For Individual Clients/Prospects

We provide services to individual clients or prospects of our Accounting Firm Partners to help them solve sales and revenue growth problems.

We show your clients and prospects “how to” ensure that their sales team, managers, and people execute with precision – – effectively, efficiently & predictably – – to build sustainable revenue growth year-after-year.

We help your clients start-up a sales team, build-out a sales team, improve or restructure a sales team, and merge sales teams post-M&A.

Assessments & Audits

Sales Organization and Team Audit

We evaluate effectiveness, efficiency and predictability in (3) strategic and (12) operating sales process areas.

Sales Manager Assessment

We evaluate knowledge, skills, and experience with the (3) strategic and (12) operating sales process areas.


Sales Planning

We build and improve sales plans, market plans, customer plans, competitor plans, facilities plans, fleet management, and technology plans 

Sales Forecasting

We build forecasts for revenue, sales pipeline activities, productivity, staffing levels, selling expenses, and commissions

Sales Organization Structure

We design sales organizations, teams, regions, and job descriptions including key accounts, field sales, inside sales, product, international, etc. 

Sales Culture

We build sales behaviors through accountability, office environment, camaraderie, celebrations, decision making authority, etc.


Sales Procedures

We build your sales approach for lead generation, new customer acquisition, customer onboarding, customer retention, cross and up-selling, and winning back past customers

Sales Technology

We facilitate the installation and upgrade of CRM, marketing automation, customer service, phone, productivity, and other systems

Sales HR Practices

We design processes for hiring, onboarding new salespeople, coaching, training, compensating, evaluating, and developing future sales managers

Sales Content & Presentations

We create sales presentations, awareness building content, case studies, comparisons, product information, pricing and proposals, and customer contracts


Sales Measures

We define sales performance goals and benchmarks, tracking database structure, data recording procedures, and automation for tracking measures 

Sales Anaysis

We ensure that sales data storage and feeds are in place, sales data is cleaned for accurate analysis, and provide recommendations from analysis of existing sales data

Sales Reporting

We build the procedures for report data gathering, report preparation, presentation of reports, and facilitation for sales reporting meetings

Sales Improvement

We facilitate problem-solving, improvement prioritization, action planning, and meeting facilitation

We Use The Chief Sales Leader Framework™

To make it easy for your clients to manage the three (3) strategic and twelve (12) operating sales processes that enable a sales team to execute with precision – – effectively, efficiently, and predictably

Pro Bono Services That We Provide To Accounting Firms

Accounting Firm Partners

Training Webinars & Workshops

We provide “how to” programs that energize your clients and prospects to solve their revenue growth challenges.  They will learn best practices, discuss real-life problems, and take-away step-by-step instructions, tools, and checklists at your:

  1. Conferences and Events
  2. New Client Workshops
  3. Online webinars

Sales Council for Client Groups

We organize and facilitate a sales council for your clients and prospects – – at no charge.  While you provide your clients with expert accounting we provide your clients with expert revenue growth advice and peer engagement on:

  1. Hot revenue growth topics and trend discussions
  2. Best practice sharing
  3. Problem solving to get top line revenue growing

Group Research on Clients/Prospects

We partner with you to conduct revenue growth research under your accounting firm name using The Chief Sales Leader Framework™™ as the foundation.  We provide you with free:

  1. Questionnaire design, including custom questions
  2. Online fielding of survey questionnaire
  3. Analysis within your clients
  4. Comparison analysis to other industries and/or professions
  5. Customized report for your clients
  6. Feature article summarizing findings for your publications
  7. Webinars to review research findings with your clients
  8. Conference and event presentation on research findings

Content for Your Clients/Prospects

We provide you with revenue growth, sales and marketing articles for your blog, eNewsletter, newsletter or other content platforms at no charge, including:

  1. News and trend articles
  2. Opinion articles
  3. Education articles
  4. Custom articles of interest to your clients