Educate sales managers and people to execute with precision – – effectively, efficiently & predictably

Our Sales Process Training Includes…

Strategy Programs

  1. Start-up sales approach
  2. Build a sales team
  3. Assess a sales team
  4. Improve a sales team
  5. Merge sales teams

Management Programs

  1. Book of The Month
  2. Sales Management 101
  3. Sales Compensation & Rewards
  4. Onboarding New Sales People
  5. Hiring Sales Managers & People
  6. Sales Team Organization Structure
  7. College Intern Sales Team

Selling Skill Programs

  1. Networking Skills for Professionals
  2. B2B Selling 101
  3. Getting Sales People To Cross-sell
  4. Sales Appointment Setting

We Provide “How To”:

  1. Webinars
  2. Two-hour Workshops
  3. Four-hour Workshops
  4. One-day Workshops
  5. Monthly Workshop Series
  6. Quarterly Workshop Series

Topic Categories:

  1. Networking Skills for Professionals
  2. Building a Sales Team
  3. Improving a Sales Team
  4. Restructuring a Sales Team
  5. Merging Sales Teams
  6. Selling & Sales Management
  7. Sales Knowledge Transfer

We Use The Chief Sales Leader Framework™

To train people how to manage the three (3) strategic and twelve (12) operating sales processes that enable a sales team to execute with precision – – effectively, efficiently & predictably

Our Speakers Energize Your Audience On The Following Topiscs

Topic Category #1

Networking Skills for Professionals

Show Your Professionals How To Build, Engage and Extract Value From Their Personal Network
We use The Threads of Connectivity™ Methodology as a foundation for selecting speech topics because it provides context on “how to” use personal connection points with people rather than traditional persuasion-based sales techniques to build, engage and extract value from your personal network of contacts.
Overcome Reluctance
How to help professionals avoid using persuasion when connecting with people.
Build Your Network
How to determine where to meet people – – online and offline, define what to say, how to manage networking after-hours, and how to approach people without “selling.”
Engage Your Network
How to prioritize people in your network, define what contact methods to use, determine the frequency of follow-up, and the right contact methods to use to say in touch.
Extract Networking Value
How to generate advice, competitive intelligence, vendor information, referrals, leads and sales from your personal network
Use Networking Technology
How to identify the right technology to use to keep track of your personal network and automate your follow-up activities.
Topic Category #2
Sales Teams and The Business Life Cycle
How To Build, Improve, Restructure & Merge Sales Teams
We use The Business Life Cycle as a foundation for selecting speech topics on how to build, manage, assess, improve and merge sales teams.
Business Life Cycle

Build A Sales Team

How to hire and onboard sales managers and people, install sales call procedures, create a lead generation process, craft sales messaging, and install sales technology

Assess A Sales Team

How to assess the level of precision – – effectiveness, efficiency, and predictability – – that your sales team is executing with.

Manage A Sales Team

How to simultaneously oversight daily sales work activities and process improvements to drive revenue growth

Merge Sales Teams

How to conduct merge and acquisition due diligence on sales teams, assess target company sales managers and people, and conduct post-merger integration.

Restructure a Sales Team

How to “right size” a sales team and redeploy human and financial resources without distracting sales managers and salespeople
Topic Category #3
Selling and Sales Management
We use The Chief Sales Leader Framework™ as a foundation for selecting speech topics because it provides context on the twelve operating processes required to manage a sales team with precision – – effectively, efficiently, and predictably.
The Chief Sales Leader Framework™

Sales Management

How to hire, train, onboard, compensate, coach, evaluate, and develop salespeople

Sales Strategy

How to manage sales and market plans, forecasts, budgets, organization structure, sales territories, and job design

Sales Technology

How to manage CRM, lead management systems, phone systems, online collaboration tools, knowledge management systems, etc.


How to generate leads and referrals, schedule sales calls, execute sales calls, close deals, onboard new customers, renew, and cross-sell customers

Sales Measurement

How to define sales measures, track and record activities, manage sales databases, conduct sales analysis and reporting

Process Improvement

How to conduct a gap analysis, prioritize improvements, create action plans, and manage improvement projects
Topic Category #4
Sales Knowledge Transfer
Transfer Knowledge Without Making People Read, Translate, Memorize & Recall Information
We use TheNaviGuide™ Methodology as a foundation for selecting speech topics because it provides context on the five core elements required to manage sales knowledge transfer between product managers, pricing managers, technical experts, sales managers and salespeople with precision – – effectively, efficiently and predictably.
TheNaivGuide™ Tool

Employee Onboarding

How to onboard new salespeople and managers in weeks rather than months without distracting technical experts and sales managers.

Sales Presentations

How to convert your sales call/meeting from a verbal persuasive sales pitch or demo to a visually interactive problem-solving conversation led by your buyer.

Product Launch

How to educate salespeople on new products and services, features and functions, benefits and/or pricing models without pulling them into training meetings, webinars or calls; or sending them a blizzard of emails.

Communicating Updates

How to communicate changes/updates to products, services, pricing, procedures, and policies to salespeople without sending them a blizzard of emails.

Procedures & Policies

How to turn your procedure manual on the bookshelf into a visually interactive work tool that enables high school and college students to execute work procedures like seasoned veterans; and improve the quality and consistency of work procedure executing.
Who Will Energize Your Audience?
An accomplished Chief Sales Leader™ with global experience connecting, mentoring and enabling sales teams to execute with precision – – effectively, efficiently and predictably
Rick Longenecker
Rick shows business leaders “how to” enable sales teams to execute with precision – – effectively, efficiently, and predictably – – based on his global experience:
  1. Serving in C-level roles in both publicly-traded and privately-held companies
  2. Building, restructuring, improving and merging sales teams
  3. Consulting in over thirty industries
  4. Managing sales teams in both monopoly-regulated and non-regulated environments
  5. Leading sales teams in the Fortune 500, middle market, small business and in start-ups
  6. Hiring, coaching and mentoring thousands of sales leaders, managers, and people
  7. Selling both products and services
  8. Networking with thousands of people around the world
  9. Living in Metro New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Metro Detroit