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We show salespeople and managers how to sell with precision – – effectively, efficiently and predictably.

Tired of Inconsistent Sales Activities, Opportunities and Results?

Many business owners and managers of sales, marketing and product management are wasting time, money and morale trying to improve sales results.

They’re under pressure to drive immediate results. But they’re not sure what to focus on first:

  • Sales Strategy – – forecasting, planning, organization structure, and/or culture?
  • Sales Execution – – procedures, technology, people and/or information?
  • Sales Evaluation – – measures, analysis, reporting, and/or process improvement?

We can help you take control of your sales activities, opportunities and reults. We will provide you with a roadmap that drives near-term results and long-term sustainability.

Chief Sales Leader Overwhelmed

Use The Chief Sales Leader Framework™ to seize control of your company’s:

  • Assess your capability
  • Drive Accountability
The Chief Sales Leader Framework Image

What Sales Management Framework Is Your Company Using To…


  • Managers and management job candidates process skills, knowledge, passion, and experience
  • Sales team and sub-team effectiveness, efficiency, and predictability


  • Sales management to corporate management
  • Sales management to salespeople?
  • Sales, marketing, and product managers


  • Sales strategy procedures
  • Sales execution procedures
  • Sales evaluation procedures


  • Corporate executives
  • Sales leadership
  • Sales managers
  • New sales managers
  • High potential future sales managers

The Following Industries Use The Chief Sales Leader Framework™

Software & SaaS



Energy & Utilities

Information Services

Professional Services

Franchises & Agencies

Business & Home Services


Chief Sales Leader™ advisors are strategic thinkers, but at the same time are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and work with individual sales people when needed. Their management consultants for sales helped us refine our sales process and focus on the buyer. Their tools significantly increased our sales by adding precision, focus and accountability to the selling process.

Brian Gurnham

COO, Business & Legal Reports (retired)

Chief Sales Leader™ did a great job of helping one of our business units accomplish a complete overhaul in their structure, accountability and financial metrics for their business. They provided skillful handling of the considerable change management issues that came with the overhaul. The result was precision – – effectiveness, efficiency, and predictability.

John Bidwell

Chief Innovation Officer, Chubb Insurance

We hired Chief Sales Leader™ to help us optimize our sales process.  They provided a rare combination of being able to talk about the high-level strategy as well as the in-the-trenches details. They put together an amazing sales tool – – which they call “TheNaviGuide™”- – that brought precision to our sales process, streamlined our onboarding process, and delivered concrete results.

Mike Lingle

Founder and Past CEO, Slide Rocket

Use Our Portfolio Of Assessments, Consulting, Training and Coaching Services

Chief Sales Leader Framework™

A strategic management system and program that shows people how to manage strategy formulation, execution, and evaluation.


A conversation management platform that turns people without selling, industry, and product knowledge into top performing salespeople.


A networking and relationship management approach that shows people how to launch connections to ignite revenue growth.