Enable your sales people to cross-sell with precision – – effectively, efficiently & predictably

Why Do Cross-selling Efforts Fail?

#1 Product and Marketing Information is not structured to help buyers see all of the problems that sellers’ can solve

#2 Buyers Lack Context on their situation and an understanding of all problems the seller has solutions to solve

#3 Buyers Do Not Have Time to review and understand all of the sellers’ solutions to their problems

#4 Sales People Cannot Memorize and Recall the decision tree of questions and answers required to guide a buyer through a cross-selling sales conversation

We Use TheNaviGuide™ For Cross-selling

To enable the buyer and the seller to:

  1. Visually get and stay on the same page at all times during a cross-selling conversation
  2. Pinpoint and prioritize the buyers’ problems for cross-selling
  3. Demonstrate multiple offerings to the buyer without overtalking
  4. Present pricing and proposals for cross-selling
  5. Handle objections during cross-selling

Steps For Creating Your Cross-selling Approach

Step 1 – Understand The Buyer Decision Process

  1. What answers do buyers need in order to make a purchase?
  2. What questions do buyers not know to ask about your offering?
  3. What is the right sequence of questions and answers to engage?
  4. What are you asking them to start and stop doing?
  5. What are the ten reasons why they will so “no” to purchase?
Step 2 – Craft Value Prop & Sales Call Guide
  1. Open the sales conversation
  2. Investigate buyer needs and qualify them
  3. Demonstration your solution
  4. Present pricing options
  5. Negotiate and close the deal
  6. Handle objections at any point during the conversation
Step 3 – Schedule Sales Appointments
  1. Define target industries, companies and buy points
  2. Find contact information i.e. email and phone
  3. Craft message to get buyers to say “yes” to an appointment
  4. Request appointments via email and phone
  5. Deploy marketing automation to sustain contact
  6. Track appointment setting results i.e. email and phone