Sales Executive Council

Peer discussions that enable your sales team to execute with precision – – effectively, efficiently & predictably

Sales Executive Council meetings focus on “how to solve” member revenue growth challenges and consist of a peer exchange of ideas, techniques, and peer accountability to drive results

We Facilitate Discussions With:
  1. CEO’s and Owners
  2. Chief Sales Leader™s
  3. Vice Presidents of Sales
  4. Partners in a professional service firm
  5. Executives interested in revenue growth
We Facilitate Discussions On:
  1. Peer Problem Solving
  2. Sales Strategy – – planning, forecasting, organization structure and culture
  3. Sales Execution – – procedures, technology, content, people
  4. Sales Evaluation – – measures, analysis, reporting, process improvement
  5. Building sales teams
  6. Improving/Restructuring sales teams
  7. Merging sales team
Sales Workflow

We Use The Chief Sales Leader Framework™

To facilitate peer discussions about managing the three (3) strategic and twelve (12) operating sales processes that enable a sales team to execute with precision – – effectively, efficiently, and predictably

A Typical Monthly Meeting

  1. Each member sends in topics for peer discussion
  2. Topics are consolidated into a list
  3. Members rank order topic list
Meeting Agenda
7:30 AM – Meetings begin with introductions and members share to noteworthy events that have happened since the last meeting – – one personal and one revenue growth-related.
9:00 AM – Peer Networking Break
9:30 AM – Facilitator Presentation based on pre-meeting priorities
10:00 AM – Peer Discussion
11:30 AM – Exercise On Biggest Take Aways and Action Items
We rotate locations each month between member offices and/or outside facilities
Failed New Sales Team
Who Facilitates The Discussion?

An accomplished Chief Sales Leader™ with global experience connecting, mentoring and enabling sales teams to execute with precision – – effectively, efficiently and predictably

Rick Longenecker
Rick shows business leaders “how to” enable sales teams to execute with precision – – effectively, efficiently, and predictably – – based on his global experience:
  1. Serving in C-level roles in both publicly-traded and privately-held companies
  2. Building, restructuring, improving and merging sales teams
  3. Consulting in over thirty industries
  4. Managing sales teams in both monopoly-regulated and non-regulated environments
  5. Leading sales teams in the Fortune 500, middle market, small business and in start-ups
  6. Hiring, coaching and mentoring thousands of sales leaders, managers, and people
  7. Selling both products and services
  8. Networking with thousands of people around the world
  9. Living in Metro New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Metro Detroit