How Do Product Managers Use Chief Sales Leader™?

While Product Managers focus on their offerings we take care of the sales team, managers, and people

We help Product Managers train and update salespeople.  We ensure that their sales managers and salespeople can execute with precision – – effectively, efficiently, and predictably.

Sales Manager Assessment


Sales Team Audit


Interim Executives


Sales Strategy Workshops


Sales Meeting Speakers


Management Coaching


Networking Training


Management Training


Job Candidate Interviews


Sales Process Improvement


Sales Merger Integration


Onboarding For Sales


CEO’s As Partners

Why Do Sales Teams Fail?

  1. Time pressure to generate immediate revenue results causes them to cut corners
  2. Inability to quickly transfer product, service, pricing and other technical knowledge to sales managers and people
  3. Management lacks expertise in sales and sales management methods, techniques, and tools
  4. Unrealistic expectations that sales managers can: make sales calls, hire and manage salespeople, deploy sales technology, manage office space, and build sales strategy and forecasts
  5. Incomplete and/or conflicting procedures, information, policies, and guidelines
  6. Inability to sift through “the blizzard” of expert advice from key advisers i.e. CEO’s, owners, investors, bankers, accountants, lawyers, family and friends

We Use The Chief Sales Leader Framework™

To make it easy for you to understand and manage the three (3) strategic and twelve (12) operating sales processes that enable a sales team to execute with precision – – effectively, efficiently, and predictably

Sales Team Audit

We use The Chief Sales Leader Framework™ to assess the level of precision – –  effectiveness, efficiency, and predictability – – that your sales team is executing the three (3) strategic and twelve (12) sales operating processes with.

  1. Sales Strategy – – forecast, plan, organize structure and culture
  2. Sales Execution – – procedures, technology, knowledge, and people
  3. Sales Evaluation – – measure, analyze, report and improve

We ask executives, managers, and salespeople to complete an online assessment.  We also conduct interviews and focus groups in addition to document reviews.

You will receive a report outlining strengths and weaknesses, priority improvement areas and recommendations for immediate next steps to fuel revenue growth.