Hire the right sales managers and people so your sales team can execute with precision

We help you source, screen, interview, hire and onboard sales managers and people that are capable of executing with precision – – effectively, efficiently, and predictably

Job Candidate Assessments

Job Candidate Interviews

Sourcing and Hiring

Onboarding Hire Hires

We Help You Hire The Right:

  1. Chief Sales and Marketing Executives
  2. Sales and Marketing Managers
  3. Sales Professionals
  4. Marketing Professionals
  5. Customer Service Professionals
  6. Sales Enablement Professionals

We Use The Chief Sales Leader Framework™

To hire sales managers and people that can execute the three (3) strategic and twelve (12) operating sales processes that are required for a sales team to execute with precision – – effectively, efficiently, and predictably

Recruiting Services That We Provide

Job Candidate Assessment Services

We use The Chief Sales Leader Framework™ to assess the level of precision – –  effectiveness, efficiency, and predictability – – that your sales management job candidates are capable of executing the three (3) strategic and twelve (12) sales operating processes with.

  1. Sales Strategy – – forecast, plan, organize structure and culture
  2. Sales Execution – – procedures, technology, knowledge, and people
  3. Sales Evaluation – – measure, analyze, report and improve

We ask executives, managers and sales people to complete an online assessment.  We also conduct interviews and focus groups in addition to document reviews.

You will receive a report outlining strengths and weaknesses, priority improvement areas and recommendations for immediate next steps to fuel revenue growth.

Hiring Process Design Services

  1. Job design
  2. Job descriptions
  3. Sourcing
  4. Screening candidates
  5. Candidate interview guides
  6. Offer/Rejection letters

Sourcing and Hiring Services

  1. Sourcing
  2. Screening
  3. Interviews
  4. Development Plans
  5. Offer & Rejections strategies

Onboarding Services

  1. First 90-day planning
  2. Welcome meetings
  3. Company briefings
  4. Sales team briefings
  5. Product/Service training
  6. Pricing training
  7. Competitor training
  8. Technology training