How To Implement TheNaviGuide™

A visual knowledge transfer tool used by sales people, trainers and product managers

Select From Two Implementation Options for building, piloting, refining and deploying TheNaviGuide™

  1. Single Release approach when you have a low volume of products and services, industries served, and buy points
  2. Multiple Release approach when you have a high volume of products and services, industries served and buy points.
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Steps For  Implementing TheNaviGuide™

Step 1 – Prepare To Implement

The first step is to Prepare to implement by involving as few people as possible to minimize distracting salespeople and avoid building resistance:

  1. Keep quiet about adopting the conversation facilitation approach and TheNaviGuide™ tool.  Please do not hold town hall meetings, send announcements, hang posters, hold off-sites, or print t-shirts.
  2. Select a product and market expert and a sales people to that are inquisitive, open-minded to change, and want to beat the top performers to rapidly build, pilot and refine the TheNaviGuide™

Step 2 – Rapidly Build, Pilot & Refine TheNaviGuide™

The key to success is to get one salesperson executing the exchange of information during sales calls with precision using TheNaviGuide™ tool as quickly as possible to begin generating sales and grassroots curiosity:

  1. Map the sequences of  topics, questions, answers, statements, and documents
  2. Use an iterative cycle of recording pilot sales calls and using the recordings to refine TheNaviGuide™
  3. Build TheNaviGuide coaching tool to provide salespeople with feedback about their use of the tool and their mindset during the sales call
  4. Insert facilitation notes and guidelines into TheNaviGuide™ to speed adoption by other salespeople

Step 3 – Deploy TheNaviGuide™ Tool

We recommend that you use a “grassroots” approach to getting salespeople to use TheNaviGuide™ rather than “mandate for everyone” to use it.

This approach keeps from disrupting the success of your top performers while setting the stage for other salespeople to beat the top performers and shift the performance bell curve by:

  1. Mandating that new hires use TheNaviGuide™ as their primary onboarding tool and during  all sales calls
  2. Training affiliate sales partners to use TheNaviGuide™
  3. Mandating that poor performers use  TheNaviGuide™
  4. Making it optional for average and top performing sales people to use TheNaviGuide™ if they want to up their game

Step 4 – Stop Sending Lengthy Emails To Sales People To Describe Changes and Additions To Information

Start using TheNaviGuide™ to communicate these updates.  This will allow the update to instantly be used during sales calls without salespeople having to stop to review, translate and memorize new information:


  1. Assign one sales manager to map the changes into TheNaviGuide™ and be the liaison to technical experts
  2. Educate technical experts on working with the sales manager in charge of TheNaviGuide™ to communicate their updates to salespeople
  3. Show salespeople how to use TheNaviGuide™ after it has been updated

Step 5 – Re-focus Sales Management Practices

To enable and reinforce the adoption and use of the TheNaviGuide™ from sales call-to-call and sales person-to-person, including changing:


  1. Job descriptions and hiring practices that attract, assess, interview and make offers to salespeople and leaders with facilitation and problem-solving skills
  2. Coaching that reinforces facilitating the exchange of information
  3. Performance evaluation that assesses the execution of facilitating the exchange of information
  4. Compensating that rewards facilitating the exchange of information with precision